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What Happened To Bidrivals?

For going on two weeks now, the website has been down and no auctions have been ran. Our guess is that they have gone out of business and shut their doors for good. That is just speculation at this

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No Longer Recommend Penny Bidding Site

Due to numerous reports of no ships, and no responses from bidders we must advise everyone to strongly consider bidding at other penny auction sites. Bidder complaints in our FooPile reviews have turned negative. Many months ago, FooPile seemed to

Get into the Halloween Spirit with Quibids

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. gives great incentives for adults to get in on the fun too. Through the month of October Quibids is holding a “Dress Like Quibids Contest”! Simply submit a photo of yourself to Quibids

Latest Updates

Just a quick update of some of the newest updates you can find here on HappyBidDay reviews and comments from actual users are coming in as they have launched a facebook promotion for their users to post reviews on

Trying To Bid and Win an Ipad Cheap

The elusive iPad is the one penny auction item that has been my main Achilles heel in my penny auction career is the iPad. I want to win an iPad 2 at a penny auction site. I have been researching

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Wavee Shut Down, What Happened To Atlanta Based Penny Auction Site

Wondering what happened to penny auction site According to CBS Atlanta story, the site was investigated by CBS Atlanta, prompted by the Georgia Governors Office of Consumer Protection took action against after receiving multiple complaints of auction

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Funny Penny Auction Name Fight on Skoreit

So I was browsing Skoreit today looking for my next victim and came across a $500 Wal-Mart card that had two big bidders battling it out. Nothing too out of the ordinary here but their names combined with the fact

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Best Penny Auction Site Updates

We’ve been working hard on over the past week! We have have researched through our list of legit penny auction sites to find and rank them based on different criteria. So far we have pages created for the best

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