HappyBidDay.comOne of our favorite penny auction sites, HappyBidDay.com, has made some recent changes to their auction starting prices in response to customer feedback.  The announcement was made on August 22nd, and states that auction starting prices for Happy Auctions have returned to their past price of $1.00.  For the past week and for the indefinite future, all auctions are starting at the price of $1.00.  Each bid will increase the price of the item by $0.37.  According to the site, this may not be a permanent change, so you should consider it a special for now and take advantage of it while it lasts.  The starting prices could go right back up at any time in the future.

Each week HappyBidDay posts regular Happy Auctions.  These Auctions are free to participate in and are part of the company’s loyalty program.  If you sign up for an account, you automatically earn free bids which you can use in Happy Auctions.  You earn even more free auction points for doing simple activities like logging into your account and sharing site news with friends on social networks.  You don’t need to do anything special to earn points—they just automatically appear in your account for being active and involved.  Get more information about HappyBidDay.com and their Happy Auctions at http://www.pennyauctionsites.com .

You can use any of the bids you’ve accumulated in Happy Auctions.  Happy Auction items are pretty fantastic—recent items have included a Garmin Nuvi handheld, a Wii, a Kindle Touch, and a remote-control airplane.  As you can see, these are pretty cool items!  Just don’t forget that just because you aren’t spending money on the bids, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be monitoring the price as it goes up.

With Happy Auctions you can still win items at a substantial discount, but the price doesn’t go up by a penny for each bid; $0.37 is the current amount, as mentioned previously.  So that does mean that items will go up in price more quickly, although that can also cause other potential purchasers to drop out sooner.  Discounts of 30-40 percent off the retail value of the item are common through Happy Auctions.  That’s still pretty awesome, especially for an expensive consumer electronic item like a Wii or a Kindle—and you get to enjoy the fun of participating in the auction with no risk!  This is a great way to get your feet wet if you want to learn how penny auctions work and try participating without spending any money to get started.

Head to HappyBidDay.com now and get in on this price change now!

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