penny auctions cashPenny auctions are the best place to win a host of items for a price that is a lot less than their actual cost. While some penny auction sites have auctions at which you can save as much as 80% , others let you save close to 99%. This is offered on a host of products like handbags, boots, televisions, iPads, gift cards, bid packs, iPods, cameras and camcorders.

Penny auction sites typically only sell products from well-known brands and designers. A few of these penny auction sites are and Some others are and These sites however, do not offer penny auctions for cash. If you want to bid at one of the best penny auctions to win cash, here are two: is a penny auction site at which you can bid for cash. Some of their frequent small cash prizes include 10, 50 and 100 pounds. Higher cash prizes are in the range of 600, 1,500 and 3,000 ponds. At, you get the opportunity to bid with bid packages in the range of 50, 150 and 600 bids. To start bidding at, you will have to register at the site. You will then be given three bids for free. You can start bidding at the site with these bids. An additional three bids will be added to your account if you refer a friend to the site. Also, rewards bidders with a free bid for each day that they sign in. is another of the two best penny auctions to win cash. Here, members can place bids to win cash prizes. This site charges patrons a fee for each bid that they place at Typically, the fee is a cent per bid – as this is a penny auction site. When a bid is placed, the auction price rises along with it. When you win at, you will be paying a small amount for a big cash prize.

One of the best features of this site is BidJames. This automatic tool is capable of performing a few bidding style related functions that you may not be able to manually. It also enables you to set limits on the amount of money you spend at the site.

An added benefit of using is that the site offers close to fifty or hundred bids for prices as small as a cent – to registered members. This enables you to enhance the amount of money you invest at the site. When you get a large number of bids through a single auction at, you will be able to use them at more number of auctions. Alternatively, you can even place more bids on one auction with these extra bids.

Turn Your Earnings into Cash

There are ways to convert your won auction items into cash as well. Winning a gift card through online auction sites is just like winning cash. With sites like you can exchange your gift cards for cash in the amount of the gift card value with only a small percentage fee.

When you bid online, it is important that you select a site capable of offering the best penny auctions for cash. Ensure that find out about the reputation of a site before you start bidding with a new online penny auction. Some of the key features that you should look for in these sites are their privacy policy, security measures and software. These aspects will inform you about whether a site is secure or not. You can also rely on the reports that auditing and accounting firms provide on penny auction sites, to tell you about the safety of the site.

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