penny auctions aboutBest Penny Auctions is a growing directory of the top penny auction sites online and top of the line penny auction strategy, tips, tactics and resources. The author of most of the content of this site, especially most of the penny auction strategy content, is a winning penny auction bidder who wishes to remain private because he is still actively playing online penny auctions and does not want or need direct competition because of this site. He has won thousands of dollars worth of penny auction prizes and comes to the game of penny auctions from a background of winning at online poker.

Some would even say penny auctions are a new type of online gambling. While the penny auction sites themselves take a strong stance against this idea (and we can certainly understand why!) we want to tell people up front that this opinion is shared by some. You can win money and you can lose money. Even if you consider penny auctions a new gambling, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adults gambling if they so choose! If individuals have a gambling problem then they should visit For the vast majority of recreational, responsible gamblers should have the right to do so if they choose.

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