penny auctions ipadPenny auctions provide a great platform on which to win iPads. By bidding for the tablet on penny auction sites, you stand to save as much as 99% on the retail price of the hand-held device. This way, you will be able to win iPads for a small fraction of their actual price. All you have to do is participate in one of the many penny auctions online. For this, you will have to register with a site and buy bid packs with which you can bid. Sites provide a range of bid packs with 20, 30, 50 and bids in them. Here are a few of the best penny auctions to win iPads:

#1 Best iPad Penny Auction Site- Click here

How to Win an Ipad on (and why it is our #1 pick)
We offer a unique strategy to winning an Ipad on HappyBidDay and it requires that you are a brand new player to this PA site. If you click on our links and register a new account you get 30 free *50 FREE bids just for registering & 20% off of your first bid pack purchase. This combination of free bids + one time big discount gives us a strategy to win an Ipad at Penny Auction sites.

Win an ipad at our top penny auction site for iPads!

  • Step 1, Use our links and register a new account – get 50 free bids.
  • Buy the 225 bid pack for $115. It makes sense to buy a bigger bid pack the 1st purchase as you get a one time 20% discount on your first purchase assuming you used our links.
  • Build up and accumulate as many additional free bids possible. Refer a friend and get 20 or have an account on your birthday and get 50 free.
  • Use your free bids on winning bid packs – you can only use free bids on certain auctions, and not on the iPad auctions. Use your free bids to win bids that you CAN use (bid packs) for an Ipad.
  • Win a bidpack and start scouting for the next Ipad auction you want to battle in. Plan to use all of our bids in on one auction instead of taking a few shots in multiple auctions.
  • Be patient and watch a few Ipad auctions take place first before you decide to battle
  • If your timing is right, 275 bids can win an Ipad on HappyBidDay.
  • You are not guaranteed a win (you never are) but if you are going to try to win an Ipad be willing to spend at least $130 on bids. Ipads are one of the more difficult items to win on any penny auction site but HappyBidDay is our current top pick specifically for winning an Ipad 2.
  • Click Here For 50 Free Bids & 20% off 1st bid pack purchase at – and win yourself an Ipad!

*HappyBidDay offers between 30 and 50 free bids to new registrations who use one of our links. They are a trusted, reputable penny auction site you can feel comfortable bidding at. See our review for more information. is our second pick for iPad auctions because it is a great place to find the iPad 2 as well as iPad accessories (the case with keyboard). We found a huge selection of iPad’s that were sold for as low as $.12 and an average saving of 98% off retail value! Along with iPad’s, Quibids has a huge selection of other electronics, such as macbooks, t.v.’s, and xbox’s. Their category drop down section allows you to narrow down your auction search.

The registration at is completely free. With bids at the low cost of $.60 per bid it is a perfect time to sign up. Quibids also offers the “buy now” option that provides an opportunity for you to buy and deduct the bids you placed on the item which helps reduce its price.

Another site that sells the iPad is The site currently prides itself on offering a revolutionary tablet to hit the market recently – iPad 2. Some of the other best penny auctions to win iPads are and

Top Ipad Penny Bidding Site is a penny auction site that strategic bidders can take advantage of. They do not have the traffic volume of the biggest sites but still have active auctions all day long and plenty of opportunities to win an Ipad cheap! One such product that is sold for low prices at this site is the iPad. So, if you are looking for one of the best penny auctions to win iPads, is the right place. There are many advantages to bidding at this site. Firstly, it has a rewarding referral program. By way of this, the site offers members twenty free bids if they refer a friend to it. This is part of its rewards program – that gives free bids when a patron purchases new packs and logs in daily.

iPads at Penny Auction Site

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