[ad name=”newsletter-lightbox-skoreit”]penny auctions skoreitSkoreit.com is one of the best penny auction websites online with our top rated bidder interface.  They opened their doors in February 16th of 2010 and built their site to be one of the most engaging online.  They created an extremely easy to use bidding interface, an auto bidding feature that works fantastic and wastes the lowest amount of bids in the industry. Skoreit.com is also the very first penny auction site we played at so they hold a special place here at bestpennyauctions.net and we put together an extremely comprehensive SkoreIt review with screen shots of all sorts of features and functions from this penny bidding site.

R.I.P SkoreIt! – Skore It! bought by Beezid. See my thoughts here.

Contact Information

  • Official Website: www.skoreit.com
  • Phone Number: 1-888-SKORE-301-888-SKORE-30
  • Estimated Bid Cost: $0.60-$0.66 per bid

Skoreit Promo Codes – Current Skoreit.com Promotion Code

We update the list of skoreit.com promo codes in our blog as soon as we find them available.  Often times you will get personally emailed skoreit.com bonus codes you can use to get free bids.

  • New Player Promo Code = BIDNOW – $10 of free bids – only for new players
  • Skoreit Bid Reload Code = *none confirmed at the moment

Skoreit.com Bonuses and Promotions
You can keep up with the latest skoreit promos and by searching our blog for any posts tagged to the Skoreit category or look at all of our penny auction promos. Skoreit.com offers their members promotions fairly often in terms of unique promo codes that add free bids to your next purchase.  If you know of a skoreit.com promo code that we do not have listed please post it’s details below.

Skoreit.com Pro’s & Cons


  • Fantastic bidding interface (super easy to use)
  • Excellent auto bidder (the bidagent)
  • Wide range of great products & new products every other week or so
  • Customer service is very responsive
  • Fast shipping with most orders sent within a day or two of checking out
  • Ability to click on other bidders name and see their bidding win history (if they do not turn their profile to private *not possible april 2012)
  • Ability to manage what information you share about yourself with your competition changed April 2012, now all history is on
  • Ability to search a large selection of closed auctions so you can research your opposition and see who the power bidders are
  • Easy to search for the items you are interested in bidding on and finding the upcoming auctions for each item
  • Sends free promotional bids to your email address on a fairly consistent basis
  • Win limit of 12 wins per 28 days and 3 wins per day


  • Minefield of power-bidders
  • Large marketing budget has brought in many new players and continues to do so
  • Heavy competition on popular auctions and some days are so busy it is best just not to bid at all.
  • Can only see the past 10 bids on any closed auction
  • Constantly changing the way things are done – this is not really a ‘con’ but it makes you keep adjusting your strategy

SkoreIt.com Auctions

Skoreit is known for having first rate products targeted towards a male audience.  They have a lot of gaming consoles like PS3’s, Xbox’s and the occassional Nintendo Wii or PSP system.  They also have laptops, netbooks and IPADs.  The IPAD’s are some of their most popular auctions and in our opinion, some of the hardest to win.  They are also one of the few penny auction sites that offer gold and silver up for auction.  If you are looking for a penny auction that has precious metals then you might like skoreit.com.

Easier auctions include smaller bid packs and a huge selection of gift cards running 24-7.  Scoreit is ranked as one of the top cash and gift card auction sites online. For new bidders we recommend starting out with a smaller gift card auction and getting your feet wet before jumping into a larger more competitive auction.

Skoreit Final Thoughts

We really like the ability Skoreit.com gives to it’s users in order to effectively use psychology in the game of penny auctions.  You have the ability to click on bidders names and to pull up their viewable win history, or to see that they have turned this information off or as my 8 year old says when we click on someone and they hide their information:  “they have their stuff locked up.”  Both options give you intelligence on your opponents and allows you to manipulate others view of you as a bidder, research competition and develop a winning strategy.

How it works is from within your ‘MySkoreit’ tab you have control over what you can display about yourself by managing your MySkoreit profile.  You can turn on or off your 28 day winning bid history, what you are currently bidding on and any auctions you are currently watching.

If you have some wins and some deep runs that you won on your auction then keep your win history profile online and public. Or you can turn your profile private and keep other bidders in the dark about your bidding activity, style and history.  We have written a few specific skoreit strategy articles that go more in depth into using the profile features and the skoreit bid agent to your advantage.  If you are interested in playing at skoreit then they are certainly worth a read.

You can see more here. http://penny-auction-review.com/skoreit-com/

All in all, Skoreit.com is one of our favorite penny auction sites online but if you are new to penny auctions you are probably better off bidding at one of the small penny auction sites like happybidday.com or Qbids penny auction site.  If you are an experienced penny auction player or poker player then you are going to love SkoreIt.com.

Visit Skoreit.com now and get in the game! Read real bidder ratings of skoreit here!

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