penny auctions gift cardsOnline penny auctions have made it possible for internet users to win products here. In addition to this, these auctions also allow people to win gift cards. These cards offer both utility and convenience because of which they are quite popular with bidders.

Various companies offer gift cards that can be used at their stores (on land and e-stores). Some of them are Walmart gift cards, others Amazon and Tiffany. So, whether you want to win a gift card from a luxury product manufacturer or a supermarket, you will have access to these options and more at penny auction sites.

Click here for the best penny auction to win gift cards:

BidCactus = #1 Pick to Win Gift Cards!

Bidders go to battle in the bidcactus deserts and come out with great gift cards all the time. They have a wide variety of cards up for auction. We personally recommend going after the $50 gift cards that are not the amazon cards. The Macys cards and the lower priced cards for the random merchant are the easiest gift cards to win at BidCactus. The cool thing is that if you win a card from a merchant that you have no desire to shop at, you can trade your gift cards for other gift cards or even paypal cash at PlasticJungle. The tactic of attacking the weaker gift cards and then exchanging them out for paypal cash is one of the easiest and most profitable plays that thinking bidders and employ in their penny auctions battles.

This is one of the safest among all penny auction sites. It has certifications from Ernst and Young, Better Business Bureau and Learn more about bidding and winning on this site from our review page. is one among the best penny auctions to win gift cards. They offer cards from Walmart, Amazon and other such stores. Here, gift cards are auctioned for low rates. For instance, a bidder recently won a $65 e-Bay gift card and bid pack combo for $1.21.

There are other benefits to bidding at Bidders are offered a range of promotions. One of which is the referral bonus. When you invite a friend to join the site, you will be given an extra twenty free bids for it. This will enable you to participate in more bids to win gift cards. The site also has a rewards program by way of which it allows active bidders to add free bids to their account by logging in every day and purchasing bid packs. Click here to find a full review of

In addition to these sites, others too have some of the best penny auctions to win gift cards online. A few of them are and

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