Precious MetalsThe value of gold and silver have dramatically increased in the last few years. Compared to the value of stocks and real estate investing,¬† precious metals are one of the safest and most guaranteed ways to wealth. Today, gold and silver have become a premiere choice for consumers to protect and grow their wealth. The best way to obtain your precious metal investment is through the new market of online penny auctions. With gold or silver penny auctions you can obtain your investment for mere pennies on the dollar. Below we’ve listed the best places to find precious metal penny auctions and the benefits you’ll experience from purchasing your investments at these sites.

  1. Best chance to win gold bars (2g mostly) and 1 oz silver bars in their daily penny auctions. There are also auctions for a 4oz bar of silver a few times per week typically.
  2. Competitive but a large number of precious metal auctions up for grabs.

#1 Best Precious Metals Penny Auction Site:

HappyBidDay is our number one choice for bidding on precious metal auctions and it’s due to the quantity and likely hood of winning gold and silver in auctions. As we’ve checked back throughout the days there seem to be a constant selection of gold or silver available for auction.

Some of these items include gold and silver bars as well as coins. When we browsed the closed auction section we found a 1 oz. APMEX .999 fine silver round coin sold for $1.14 with a retail price of $50.00. We also found multiple auctions for 2 gram, .9999 Statue of Liberty Gold Bars, valued at $175.00, one of which sold for $33.70, pretty crazy high for a penny auction site.

Besides the great selection and availability, has some of the best promotions in the industry. Here is a list of some promotions that HappyBidDay customers can enjoy.

  • 50 free bids for completing the free registration.
  • 20% discount on first bid pack purchase.
  • 100 free bids on your birthday.
  • 30 free bids for referring a friend.
  • 25 free bids just for daily log in.

Our final reason for making our top pick for precious metals is because of the low win limits. Win limits on penny auctions are set in place to keep the fairness among bidders. The limit the amount of auctions any one person can win within a certain time frame. However, HappyBidDay lowers these limitations making it possible for bidders to win more penny auctions. Here is a list of the win limits at

Happy Auctions:

  • ¬†Daily Limit – 3 wins
  • Weekly Limit – 15 wins
  • Monthly Limit – 60 wins

Regular Auctions:

  • Daily Limit – 2 wins
  • Weekly Limits – 6 wins
  • Monthly Limit – 28 wins

Based on variety, selection, availability and the outstanding promotions, we’ve concluded that is the leading penny auction site for gold and silver. Check out our Review for an in depth look at this penny auction site. offers a wide selection of precious metals including silver and gold penny auctions. You can easily find silver and gold bars as well as rare and valuable coins with the precious metals category page on the navigational tool. With an average savings rate of 99%, finding the right precious metal investment at will be easy to do.

Visit our review page for special promo codes, and a Pro’s and Con’s list for

Bidding on Gold at a Penny Auction Site a good Investment Choice?

There are many places to buy gold online. You have sites like the American Precious Metals Exchange where you can buy bullion coins, bars of all sizes of precious metals. Then there are sites like the which give an interesting take on how to invest in precious metals.

To us, penny auction sites that offer precious metals are ones where we can bid long term and always have something of value to shoot for. I mean unless you are a re-seller, which is against most penny auction sites terms, then there are only so many TV’s and xbox’s you can win, right?

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