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Beezid a Scam? Can you LOSE Money on Beezid?

Is Real? How can Beezid be Legit?

How Do Beezid Auctions Sell For Such Low Prices?

Yes, you can lose money on, but beezid is not a scam. They are a new type of competitive game called penny auctions. Beezid is a penny auction site, and penny bidding sites like beezid make their money by selling bid-packs, NOT on the ending auction price.

If you go to the home page of you will see rows upon rows of the highest quality merchandise on auction for dollars. On first glance it looks like beezid is a scam. It appears that something must be up because there is no way they can sell iPads for $5 bucks!. It looks like Beezid is not legit, however Beezid has a strong reputation in the industry as a leading trustworthy, fair and legit penny auction site.

Yes, you can lose money on Beezid. That does not mean beezid is a scam.

If you do not understand how penny auction sites like beezid work then read this guide on how penny auctions work and why some people feel scammed when they really did not understand what they were getting into before signing up and bidding. We feel that beezid is a legit penny auction and not a scam penny auction. Current promotions and Beezid Promo Codes currently has an Early Bird Special promotion through which you can win items and get back the bids used to win those items. The promotion runs between 5 and 8 in the morning, from Mondays to Fridays.  CLICK HERE FOR 10 FREE BIDS. The site also has a bonus that encourages users to invite friends to join the site. The reward for this is a set of free bids.

  • Beezid Promo Code (click for the most current code we have found – we watch the TV for beezid commercials and the latest codes will be updated!)

Beezid pros & cons


  • is one of the biggest penny auction sites online and one of the industry leaders.
  • Tons of products from inexpensive to thousands of dollars (even a cars!)
  • 500+ auctions per day! Way more than most penny auction sites – see this google insights search and you can see that Beezid is one of the biggest name bidding sites online.
  • They allow a higher level of strategic game play through the use of the autobeezid and the beezid bid sniper tools. See our page on beezid tips and strategy for more strategic considerations for Beezid
  • Bee-zid consistently strives to give its users, a range of promotions, offers and bonuses that are both competitive and rewarding.
  • Patrons can expect to save between 75 and 99% on the retail prices of their purchases.
  • They also conduct ‘thriller auctions’, which encourage users to participate in real time bidding without the employing AutoBeezids. Here, you get the opportunity to bid at free auctions, so you don’t have to pay anything to bid for certain products at the site.
  • is a legit and reputable penny auction site


  • Big – Huge really and extremely competitive
  • A lot of power bidders, however this is expected at large penny auction sites
  • The site has an item substitution policy in place. This is to ensure that if the product you win is not available at the time, it can be substituted. According to the site, when auctions go on for a prolonged period, it can result in the supplier discontinuing the item. In such situations, the site will replace the product with another of equal or better features.
  • Shipping details must be obtained from the Beezid support team as they do not offer the tracking number for your purchased item.

General product offerings on has a wide range of products to offer, in both their live and early bird auction categories. Some of the live auction products at the site are video games, television sets, MP3 and audio systems. In addition to this, the site also has computers, electronic items, cameras, camcorders and movies. The site also offers items in their lifestyle, fashion, children, home and garden categories too. Here, you may also come across a selection of gadgets, cars and car accessories. shipping details

Most of the items at are shipped directly from the manufacturer or supplier. As a result of which, the delivery may take between two and three weeks. Once the product has been shipped, notifies customers about the shipping details. Tracking the products at can be cumbersome as they do not provide the tracking number of the shipment. So, customers will have to contact the support team at to enquire about the item’s progress.

Features or ultimate selling propositions

The site has a pioneering concept called Sniper that compliments’s AutoBeezid. The latter is a tool with which you can bid for items that interest you when you are away from the computer. This feature has the ability to out-bid others such that you have a higher chance of succeeding with your bid. The site’s Sniper feature acts as a safety net that helps you with bidding, if the bid amount that your AutoBeezid was set to isn’t sufficiently high. With AutoBeezid, you can set a number of bids for the last second so that you don’t miss out on a particular product.

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