Reviews of Best Penny Auction Sites Online

We first started playing at online penny auctions in October of 2010.  In that time we have researched and investigated penny auctions online.  We looked for safe penny auctions that you could trust with your money.  Read our reviews of the top penny auction sites to find the best penny auction for you. It is also important that you understand what a penny auction is, how they work exactly and that you avoid the real scam sites and only play on the reputable penny auction sites.

See our top rated penny auctions by bidders, for bidders.

List of Penny Auction Sites Reviewed Review

HappBidDay.comEasier wins, fewer power bidders make one of our favorite small bidding sites out there. Hardly any true power bidders and a modest selection of auctions ending each day make this site one of the best kept secrets in the online penny auction world. You can find great deals on items due to the general lack of penny auction bidders on this site. You also get a healthy portion of free bids for registering & a discount on your first bid-pack purchase if you click our links. Read our review and see why this is one of our favorite small bidding sites online and one of our top picks for people new to penny auctions online. We choose them as one of the easiest penny auctions to win an ipad on.

—————————————————————————————————————————– Review Take a look at one of the more popular and higher traffic penny auction sites listed on This site has a ton of auctions running every day and offers incredible products. It is not super easy to win here, but winning any penny auction is hardly ever easy. Learn the details about this site in our comprehensive review and see reviews and rankings from other bidders like yourself.

—————————————————————————————————————————– Review

Bidrivals.comCompetitive, fun, fair and very safe in the fact that they have our best rated buy it now program. Most of the auctions have a buy it now option and they give you full price towards the purchase price. Retail prices are competitive from what other penny auction sites have them listed at but you could probably find the item with a cheaper price if you scoured the internet for the best deal. Regardless, you can win here and you will get your item. They are a huge site, one of the largest and are international in scope and reach. To get a more in-depth look at why BidRivals is topping our list check out our Review!

—————————————————————————————————————————– Review

Skoreit.comOne of the most heavily advertised penny auction sites to the male audience online is Known for their promotion on ESPN’s Mike and Mike show and radio advertising on Coast to Coast, to name a few, this site is one of the larger penny auction sites on the web. They are also one of the best and have tons of products up for auction every day and constantly add new ones. For more information on check out our Review!

—————————————————————————————————————————– Review is another of the highly trusted larger bid auction sites. They have a lot of electronics and gift cards for auction each and every day and also boast a large number of daily auctions. They are also one of the few members of the entertainment auction alliance that has submitted all of their auctions to independent audits on a regular basis. You can feel confident that you are on an even playing ground bidding on Get more details on this trusted site with our Review!


Our penny auction site reviews cover the basics of each penny auction site and give you a general overview of what you can expect before bidding.  You will discover:

  • Screen shots of the penny auction site
  • Official web address
  • How much the bids cost on average
  • Current bonuses & promotions
  • A quick editorial overview of the site
  • User reviews – from bidders like you
  • User rankings – help us create our top penny auction directory

Please help us provide true, honest and accurate ratings from real bidders! If you have bid on one of the sites listed here we want your feedback! Click on the site(s) you’ve played at below and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can rate the sites on a 5 star rating (that influence our toplists site wide!) and leave a review for others to read. We encourage user reviews from other penny auctions and list them after our editorial review on every page.  Read reviews and ratings from other penny auction bidders at the following sites.

Keep in mind that many of the negative penny auction reviews come from people who simply do not understand how penny auctions work and do not realize that they can lose money. They are the first to claim that a certain penny auction site is a scam when in reality they did not understand the fundamentals of penny auctions. Do not be this guy (or gal)!

While some of these complaints are legitimate against  shady penny auction sites, many of these penny auction scam claims come from people who did not understand that they were playing a game and are mad they lost.

If you learn penny auction basics and do your homework before bidding you will discern a review from a disgruntled bidder who thought they could really buy a flat screen TV for $10 bucks and ended up loosing a hundred and a bidder who knows what to look for in a penny auction site.

When we first started searching information out on penny auctions we saw countless reviews of people claiming that these are scams.  While some penny auction sites are indeed scams from the beginning, many of the bad reviews on the web are from people who just do not understand how penny auctions work.

Reviews of Penny Auction Sites

Our editorial reviews of penny auction sites cover the following topics:

  • official website address
  • their phone number
  • their logo
  • bonuses
  • current promotions
  • average cost of bids
  • the sites pro’s & con’s
  • general product offerings
  • shipping details
  • features
  • user reviews
  • user ratings

Read through our editorial penny auction reviews or see how real bidders rank penny auctions and rate them yourself! And check out what we look for in penny auction sites in order to be listed here in our top penny auction directory.

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