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Is HappyBidDay a Scam Or Legit?

HappyBidDay Real? Or is Happy Bid Day A Scam?

HappyBidDay Sells Items For Pennies On The Dollar - HOW?

On first look at HappyBidDay it appears something is totally wrong. Why in the world would a piece of gold that is worth at least $150 be auctioning off at only $1.06? This looks like a scam, however HappyBidDay is legit! They are one of the most trustworthy bidding sites online and we have personally won auctions and received items from HappyBidDay.

HappyBidDay is an online penny auction. They make their money by selling bids, not the ending price of the auction price. If you are not sure how it all works, then read our penny auctions 101 tutorial to understand exactly how penny auction sites work before spending any money.

Sign up bonuses or freebies on

On registering with the site, you will receive a generous helping of free bids that can be used in happy auctions. Registering at is a one time process that is free and you can get free bids just for signing up. In addition, the site also has a rewards program for customers who are loyal to the site. The program is accessible even to those who login to their account daily, and those who purchase bid packs too.

Happybidday current promotions

  • Guaranteed 1st Win
  • Buy one of two offered bidpacks and either win or get promo bids until your first win
  • 30 free bids when inviting friends
  • 100 free bids on your birthday – HappyBidDay!
  • Special risk free offer on your 1st bid pack purchase (exclusive offer, you must click here to get a 1st win guaranteed at HappyBidDay)

‘Invite Your Friends’ is a refer a friend program where you can get 30 free bids. When your friend registers with, the site transfers the free bids to your account. These bids can then be used during’s Happy Auctions – a bid extravaganza at the site. Through Happy Auctions you can win gift cards, bid packs, electronic items and much more. This auction can be accessed via a smiley icon that is featured by the side of a bid button.

Happybidday pros and cons


  • This is a smaller to medium sized site compared to the more well known penny auctions. This means less competition generally speaking
  • When compared to other penny auction sites, has a diverse list of auction items even for being a smaller site you can still win iPads and video game consoles.
  •’s promotions are competitive and rewarding. They are also a great choice for 1st time bidders
  • They feature a number of offers that can be availed by all customers.
  • The site is user – friendly and facilitates easy navigation.


  • In the free auctions (happy auctions) the ending auction price is raised by up to $.29 per bid rather than just one penny, raising the ending price of the auction fairly significantly.
  • This site sets win limits on there members. Seven wins in seven days, twenty-eight wins in thirty days. This is actually a positive so any power bidders are not claiming every auction
  • There is very little information offered on the web site regarding the founders of the site or it’s background information.

General product offerings on offers a wide range of products for auction. Some of the product categories that you may come across at the site are appliances and electronic items such as television sets, ipads, and video games. In addition to this, the site also has bid packs, gift cards, jewelery and handbags. The site also features a selection of toys, games, video games and more. shipping details’s fee for shipping items is listed at the bottom of their product page. The listed shipping charges are applicable only for items that are delivered in the United States (continent). Typically delivers items within seven to fourteen business days of a bidder making payment. You can track your shipment through the ‘Won Auctions’ feature provided in your accounts. If the product is not received within the stipulated time, you can contact the site’s customer support cell through e-mail.

Happybidday Legit or is HappyBidDay a scam?

In our estimation we are happy to say that HappyBidDay is totally legit and is NOT a scam. You can learn about what makes penny auction scams and what is not a scam when it comes to penny auctions. The site is rated highly across the respected penny auction review sites and rated well from the players.

The site has a bidding strategy which uses an automatic bidding tool called BidPal that can be employed when users are away from their computer when a bid is closing. This easy to use tool is effective in winning auctions. also has a Buy Now option with which you can buy an item of your choice, at a discounted price if you lose the auction, however the BIN option is not stellar. Instead, use winning happybidday strategy and you will not have to worry about using the BIN feature.

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