penny auctions sitesWe recommend having at least three accounts at different online penny auction sites. It is important to pick your penny auction sites carefully and it is smart to have an account at one large site, one medium sized site and and one or two smaller sites.  Winning penny auctions is so much fun you want to make sure that you choose which sites you play at because you always want a fair shot at winning and knowing that if you do win you will get your items!

Top Overall Penny Auction Sites

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Use our list of top penny auctions to find an online penny site that is right for you.  If you are brand new to penny auctions be aware that venturing into the world of online penny auctions is not for the feint of heart and you should make your decision carefully.  There are literally hundreds of penny auction sites with new penny auction sites popping up all the time and many of them are not proven reputable yet and some of them are down right shady! So it is important for someone new to the game to cover their bases and learn about the good and bad penny auction sites. One can do this by reading our penny auction scams page.

Penny Auction Site Toplists

The Rise of Penny Auction Websites

The boom of Penny Auctions reminds us a lot of the early days of online poker. Early online poker and penny auction sites both have had new sites coming and going within the span of a few months if not a few weeks.  In the online poker boom, many different poker sites went belly up and many players who had money in their account lost it all.  We are talking tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars were lost by mismanaged or plain out rogue sites.  The same thing is happening in penny auctions.

Today, penny auctions are the next big thing and history tends to repeat itself. The immaturity of the industry mixed with the type of competitive game that can get very high stakes make it a prime target for scams and ripoffs.

Make sure you only bid on a penny auction that you feel safe at (see our list of safe penny auctions).
This huge increase in popularity of penny auction sites has created a need for a penny auction website directory like this one that categorizes the high quality, trustable and highly rated penny auction sites into an easy to read website.

Bookmark this website as the place to find the top penny auctions online, link to it from your blog or facebook page and tell your friends about – make sure to remind them to use the .net!

We organize and list a carefully researched list of good penny auctions.  We have pages that catalogue the best penny auctions to win certain items, such as the best cash auctions as well as gift card penny auctions or the best penny auction site to win a TV or even the best Ipad penny auctions.  If you know what you want to win you can find our picks for the best place to go and win one of these items.   Use our directory to find your next penny auction site or read reviews of penny auctions to find out more about the sites good enough to be listed on!

Best Penny Auction Websites – Traits and Qualities

When looking for a good penny auction website, there are a handful of qualities that the site should have.
Fair Bidding Policy – First and foremost they need to have a fair bidding policy clearly displayed on their site that explicitly states that all bids are 100% real and not generated by any ‘shill’ bidders.  A shill bidder is someone who is bidding only for the site and is not a real bidder like you or I.  A bot bidder is a program that the site is using themselves to keep the auction going longer and longer by placing bids from a non-real person but a computer program controlled by the penny auction site themselves.  Shill / robot or script / employee bidders are penny auction scams and are the worst form of cheating that a penny auction site can do.

History and Positive Reputation – Most all penny sites are new relatively speaking but many have a proven track record of positive performance. The emergence of penny auctions first started around the end of 2009 but it was not until early 2010 when there was growth.  2011 is going to be the break out year for penny auction websites.  This means that there is going to be a ton of new penny auction sites coming on the market.  This is going to make it harder and harder to find the good, reputable and honest safe penny auction sites.  All the penny auction sites listed here need to have a clean history with no shady dealings.  We have researched, investigated and dug for a clear history of all sites listed on this penny auction website and to the best of our knowledge have found the ones you should feel safer about trusting. We of course recommend you do your due diligence before buying anything online period, bids at a penny auction site or bidding on a listing at ebay.  

To be listed on, penny auction sites need to have a quality reputation of legitimate auctions, shipping winners their items with a timely manner (as advertised on their site) and a quality history of not cheating their users in any way (never using shill bidders).  Our editors research the history of the sites listed here and our industry experts keep their fingers on the pulse of the penny auction world.

Clear Refund Policy – The refund policy should be easy to find and it is honored by the site.

Visit our penny auction reviews for website specific information and see bidder ratings of penny auction sites, real ratings from real bidders.

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