Newest Online Penny Auctions

penny auctions newNew penny auctions are a doubled edged sword and bidders should proceed with extreme caution before buying bids at most of the new penny auction sites. The reason for this is that there are tons and tons of new penny auction sites popping up every week and most of them are vastly underfunded, poorly managed or operated by less than savory individuals. On the other side of the coin, when a bidding site is brand new it is likely to have very few bidders battling for bargains and the new bidders can snap up some incredible deals without a lot of competition.
Current Toplist of Penny Auction Sites
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We generally like to stay away from the new penny auction sites simply because we only like buying bids at safe penny auction sites, ones that have a solid history and reputation. The newer bidding sites are untried and untested, and there is nothing worse than spending money on bids, winning a great item and then having the new penny auction site never ship you the product you won or simply going out of business. This happens more than most people would like to believe. Sure, you can often find easy wins at the start up penny auction sites and for sure some of them are legit but it is a much bigger risk than buying bids at one of the trusted bidding sites. Hence, the double edged sword.

If you are looking for a list of the new penny auction sites then we would like to recommend you find one of the best penny auction sites online and start there. We are keeping our eyes on the penny auction industry and will be actively listing new penny auction sites that come on the market. Play at these penny auction sites with caution and let us know your experiences bidding there. We will update this page with a list of new penny sites as they become available.

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