JewelryWhat better way to buy your jewelry than to win it online for mere dollars and cents at an online penny auction. It’s no secret that shopping online can mean great deals and fantastic prices, but when you are saving almost 99% on retail prices for fine jewelry, there is no better deal than that.  It’s like cheating the system. Below is a list of the best penny auction sites to win jewelry. Of course, there are plenty of places you can buy jewelry online, but it is important to not over spend, and these are the sites that I’ve found to be the most successful at not only winning jewelry, but at decent prices as well.

Top penny auction sites to enjoy:

  • – #1 choice for variety and availability.
  • – Good place to find diamonds
  • – Nice selection of watches for men and women, fast delivery.
  • – Not exactly a penny auction site,  but a huge selection of jewelry.– #1 for jewelry penny auctions.

HappyBidDay is our number one choice for finding jewelry to bid on because of their awesome variety and availability of jewelry auctions. Everyday you’ll find auctions for fine jewelry for only a few dollars. While doing our research on HappyBidDay we found a 14k white gold diamond solitaire pendant, a retail value of $439.00, that was sold for a mere $1.11. Along with that we also found 14k White Gold Blue Topaz Drop earrings that were sold for only $5.64.  Just as soon as those auctions were closed, more jewelry entered the bidding rooms and became available to the customers.

At you will find some of the best promotions in the industry. Along with free registration, you’ll also receive 50 FREE BIDS just for signing up and 20% discount on your first bid-pack purchase. If you refer a friend to HappyBidDay you’ll get another 30 free bids and celebrates birthday’s by giving away 10 free bids to the customers on their special day. Even daily log-ins with earn you 25 extra free bids.

One other reason that this site is our number one top pick of penny auction sites for jewelry is because of their fast delivery and shipping. promises to have your items shipped to you within 7 business days and allows you to track them by providing tracking numbers with the shipped products.

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The second best penny auction site for jewelry that we recommend is Along with, they also have a category drop down navigational tool which makes finding the perfect product easy. Their jewelry selection, includes fine jewelry and diamonds such as diamond rings, pendants, earrings and watches. They have provided a rating chart for the bidder to compare the quality of the item they are interested in. This goes to show the quality of the items provided at One of the items we noticed was a Bulova Men’s Silver watch that was sold for $0.12, meaning that it was bid on 12 times, and at the rate of .75 cents per bid, that’s Nine dollars spent on a very nice men’s watch. guarantees that their products are brand new and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. They also provide excellent customer service if unsatisfied with the product. offers a unique tool called the “Cherry Auction” which is designed specifically for the bidders who have not won an auction yet. This means you’re competeing against other bidding beginners and not “power bidders” whom are the toughest to beat.

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The third site on our list for places to bid on jewelry and watches is by far On this site you will find multiple pages of accessories to choose from. One of the most unique traits of this site is the filters it has set in place for the bidder to narrow down their search. Not only can you search by category of what you might like to bid on, but you can also narrow it down by appearance as well. Lets say you are looking to bid on a specific watch. From their product drop down icon you can select watches and jewelry, then from there you can also narrow it down by band color  and dial color as well. Once you have selected these specifications  you will receive results that are specific to what you’re looking for. There’s always the option of viewing all of the auction items as well.

With average savings of 99% off retail prices, most pieces sold for under $1. This means that the item was bid on less than 100 times and depending on how many bidders there were, less than half of that was one individual person which means that the winner paid mere cents for the jewelry of their desire.

Another one of our favorite aspects about this site is the fact that the customer service phone number is right on the home page. This is a  sign of a legitimate penny auction , and means that  the bidder can call this number and speak directly with a representative for assistance with their issue. The customer service section of the site also shows an email address as well as a mailing address for all customer service questions.

Shipping is carried by US postal service and UPS. Shipping status and tracking numbers are provided and usually arrive the following business day. This is one of the fastest shipping auction sites we have come across.

This site has a huge variety of products to bid on, and is the epitome of entertainment shopping.

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When searching for an online penny auction site with jewelry, our results came up short. Our research shows this is due to a lack of reliable product sources. The sites mentioned above are our top choices when it comes to best penny auctions for jewelry, but if you’re looking for an online auction with the best jewelry selection, we recommend This site offers a huge selection of accessory brand names and carries every kind of jewelry you can imagine. The difference is that is not a penny auction site. Below is a list of pro’s and con’s for using for your jewelry purchases.


  • There is no “bid package” purchase required.
  • If the bidder loses an auction, no money is lost.
  • The amount that the auction is sold for is the amount the bidder pays, no hidden prices.
  • Quick and easy delivery.
  • High quality diamonds and fine jewelry available (certificates available for most products)
  • Great selection of merchandise.
  • Awesome warranties offered for all jewelry purchases with coverage for up to two years including unlimited repairs, coverage on parts, and labor expenses.


  • is not a penny auction site.
  • Ending prices of auctions may reach higher than at penny auctions.
  • Duration of auctions may last longer
  • More competition
  • No free shipping offers great customer service and high quality merchandise.  Their prices may be higher than what you might see at an online penny auction, but an important thing to remember is that you get what you pay for.

Winning Jewelry in Penny Auctions

Winning jewelry in penny auctions is a strategic game. With the above information and a little help from our penny auction strategy pages, these are the tools necessary to find the best deals online. With this list of best penny auctions for jewelry, I am confident that you will not only find a gorgeous piece of jewelry that meets your expectations, but the expectation of your wallet as well.



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