LaptopPenny auctions are the new and exciting way to shop and purchase items that you may not normally spend the money to buy. Brand new laptops and other electronics can all be obtained for just a few dollars, while enjoying a thrilling experience, assuming you win. Below is a list of sites with the best penny auction site to win a laptop, starting with our number one pick.

#1: Great place to find Macbooks – the safest penny auction site to try and win a laptop cheap by utilizing their buy it now feature.
#3: Bidcactus: Great prices on Laptops and Electronics
#4: BidRivals – Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, and Apple Mac Books on auction every day.

Beezid is our number one choice for choosing a laptop penny auction. The selection has proven to not only be high in quantity but value as well. Here you will find top electronic brand names such as Apple, Sony, and Toshiba. The value of the auctions themselves mean that you can relatively safely bid and try to win a laptop bidding in a penny auction.

The customer service information for this site is easy to find and provides detailed information. This shows us that is a safe penny auction site and can be easily contacted with any customer questions or issues.

One of the characteristics about this site that we feel will increase your chances of winning is their “AutoBeezid” and “Beezid Sniper”. This is a electronic program setup within the site to allow you to make bids on multiple auctions at the same time as well as while you are away from the computer. This is a good strategy to win penny auctions because it shows the competition that you won’t back down.

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When it comes to penny auctions for laptops, is our number one choice.

Bidding and Winning Computers Cheap at Penny Auction Sites Possible? – Our second pick for best penny auctions for laptops goes to This site is a well operated, popular penny auction site, which is why it is our number two pick instead of number one. The selection of computers is abundant and they carry brand names that are some of the best. However, it is a very competitive site and the prices of the auctions can be on the expensive side. But don’t let that discourage you from trying. Quibids is equipped with the Buy It Now option! There are definitely good deals to be had at this site and we think it’s worth your time to visit for your laptop bidding.

Winning a laptop cheap is possible but not easy! Be sure you are up to speed on penny auction strategies before bidding on for a laptop! is our third choice for finding good deals on laptop penny auctions, because the selection is not as plentiful as, or, however, they do have great electronic brand names and the auction ending prices seem to be relatively low. For example an HP Pavilion 17″ Notebook going for just $4.00. This is considerably less than some prices we’re seen at other penny auction sites, not to mention the retail price.

One of our favorite characteristics about this site is the great weekly promotions they offer. is no stranger to giving away free bids for certain promotional auctions and auctions occurring at certain times of the day or week. One of the special offers they have going on now are the “Bid Back Auctions”. On these auctions a participant can obtain 3 free bids after placing their first bid on one of these promotional auctions.

Visit for your chance to grab one of these special promotions and find cheap penny auctions for laptops.

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Penny auctions have revolutionized the way consumers can buy laptops. There is no longer a need to get in the car, drive to a store, and pay outrageous prices for your electronics. Now with online penny auction sites, not only can you buy a name brand laptop with 95% savings, but you can find an abundance of electronics and products for a fraction of the retail price. Check out more products available at online penny auction sites.

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