For going on two weeks now, the website has been down and no auctions have been ran.

Our guess is that they have gone out of business and shut their doors for good. That is just speculation at this point but it seems highly unlikely that they are going to re-open after such a long shut down. We are hopeful that they do re-emerge as they were a legitimate place to bid that offers a nice assortment of high end merchandise. I am willing to bet that a number of bidders got the shaft and are stuck with either bids that are worthless or with building card balances where they were saving up multiple cards to purchase a certain product, a feature of Bidrivals.

The penny auction industry is undergoing some serious changes of late. SkoreIt has banned the most successful bidders on the site and literally wiped thousands of bids off of their books. Many of these bids were free bids that were won in bid pack auctions and were held by some of the strongest bidders on the site. You can read more about it here but the short answer is that you can probably get some deals right now at SI but just beware your account can get banned at any moment.

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