I am sorry to call this guy out (you could figure out who if you looked hard enough) but this has got to be the worst use of a win history I have ever seen employed on SkoreIt.

30 Bids, Sweet.

I call this one “Thirty Bids, Sweet”.

Here is the thing. If you are showing 1k+ bid wins then you have built a history that you can now use to tag and defend upcoming auctions. You will almost certainly win them cheaply if you take your time and select carefully! This bidder must have:

  • Maxxed out his credit card
  • Be such a degenerate that he couldn’t wait for a bigger auction
  • Not realize he is spending money
  • Obsessive compulsive
  • Or he just doesn’t give a ****

Look, if you have that much strength shown in your history go for better items than 15 bids. Those 15 bids virtually eliminate any rep you built up by bidding over 1000 times! It does you harm.

Hey, who am I to judge. Goooo Skoreit. It’s bidders like this that make me just shake my head. If i battle them it drives me to just go BIN what I want from Quibids instead.

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  1. Dan says:

    I agree…this guy/girl obviously has little to NO discipline. Although, I see it alot on sites where there will be a gift card for $10 plus $2.99 s/h and these people bid and bid and bid until the final closing price is $8-$9. They say “I WON” $10 gift card YIPPIE!!! when actually after all fees paid their item is worth $3.99. I was recently outbid on a $25 gas gift card with $3.40 s/h in which the closing bidder paid $16.50 plus $3.40 ($19.90). Am I wrong how I look at this? Why would a person pay $19.90 for an item now valued at $5.10? I have heard some people say, well I get back what I paid on the gift card…REALLY??? Why not just go and buy the item in PERSON?? you dont have to pay s/h fees that way.

  2. Michael Simmons says:

    The person is doing crack or something…what the hell is wrong with this person. Seriously? This has to be the all time worst penny auction player in history. SkoreIt loves this guy.

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