Each penny auction site is somewhat unique in it’s own way, and HappyBidDay is no exception. I have began winning items here recently and have developed some winning strategies for bidders at HappyBidDay.com. This page will list specific tips to win at HappyBidDay.

HappyBidDay Free Bids Strategy

If you are not familiar with HappyBidDay.com, they have two types of bids.

  • Real Bids (available bids)
  • Free Bids

Free bids work differently at Happy Bid Day than they do at other penny auction sites in the sense that your free bids at HappyBidDay.com are only good in a certain type of auction called a ‘Happy Auction”. This page takes a look at how best to win using use your free bids in happy auctions at HappyBidDay.

First of all, know that HappyBidDay gives out tons of free bids. Everyone who registers at HappyBidDay.com gets free bids just for logging in. They give out a TON of these free bids. At the time of writing this article they give out 150 free bids per day just for logging in.

The catch is that you can ONLY use your free bids in “Happy Auctions”. These auctions are designated by the smiley face to the right of the ‘bid’ button. When you bid in a happy auction the auction price jumps up $0.35 every time you bid (instead of $0.01 in the one cent auctions).

The kicker is that the auction ending price is close to it’s retail price since the bids jump up by thirty five cents instead of one.

So – what should you do with your free bids?

Use your free bids to buy real bids at a discount price by winning bid pack auctions.

The free bids are not that useful for much else to be honest.

The tangible items you can win in happy auctions are usually not at a discount once you pay the auction ending price.

So focus your efforts on using your free bids to try and get the biggest discount as possible buying real bids. Watch a handful of the bid pack ‘happy auctions’ and see what kind of discount they go off of from regular prices.

I try to win bids at 40% off and try to push my competition to pay with only a 30% discount.

You can almost always get a nice discount on buying bids at HappyBidDay during your account login so make sure you are getting the real bids as cheaply as possible.

Also, during happy auctions you can only be a single bidder. Throttle (bid right away) during these at first at least until you have 1 or 2 other bidders throttle right back at you. When this happens, let them count down to just barely going once before bidding and do that a few times. They will sometimes return the favor and this can sometimes lead others to ‘go to sleep’ at the keyboard letting you sneak one out cheaply.

Strategy For Real Bid Auctions

  • If you win a big bid pack in a Happy auction, go ahead and get involved in a real auction for something you want to win. Other bidders will see that you just won a bunch of bids and be less likely to battle.
  • Once your Auto-Bidder starts going you CAN NOT stop it! You should set smaller quantity auto-bidders as long as you plan on being at your computer for the auction to give yourself as much flexibility as possible
  • The auto-bidder will randomly place your bid when the auction timer is below 10 seconds and you are not the top bidder. Try and determine how many auto-bidders are active in an auction and if you think most are single bidding, use your auto bidder
  • Be sure and follow the basic penny auction tips and strategies as they all do apply at HappyBidDay

Easiest Auctions To Win on HappyBidDay

  • The handheld mini web-cam recorders. This was the first auction I won and it took two bids. I have seen them go extremely cheaply for just a few bids
  • Low value gift cards. Sometimes these get fought for but these are easier than others

If you have not played on HappyBidDay yet, be sure and see how other bidders rate happy bid day and get signed up. If you already play there, which you most likely do, then please take a minute and leave your ratings on this penny auction site!

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