Beezid Promo CodeAs I’ve been known to stay up watching late night television it is no surprise that I’ve seen many lame infomercial style tv commercials and the latest one from Beezid is no exception, lol! I’ll be honest, I have only seen the beezid tv commercial with promo code once.  They use the easy-to-remember promo code “25freebids” which gives you 25 free bids! Claim 25 FREE Bids Here Promo Code

*updated Jan 10th, 2012 with promo code” “25freebids” is the Beezid promo code from TV (as seen while watching mindless infomercials). But another one of the most promising codes we found from searching the internet looks to be $100 off of your first auction win with promo code “BUY”. I have not tried this one as of yet but follow the steps below when using the “25freebids” promo code:

  • CLICK HERE – Claim 10 free bids25 Free Bids!
  • Promotion Code: 25FreeBids
  • Fill out the registration and begin today!

Even Lindsay Lohan bids on Beezid, lol!

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(last updated October 10th, 2011)

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  1. Brad says:

    I believe the code for July is ‘STUFF’
    It should offer 25 free bids.

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