Due to numerous reports of no ships, and no responses from bidders we must advise everyone to strongly consider bidding at other penny auction sites.

Bidder complaints in our FooPile reviews have turned negative. Many months ago, FooPile seemed to be doing well but things seemed to have turned and we can no longer in good faith not share this information. You can read our thoughts about what happened to Foopile.

The short answer is that bidders are complaining of no shipments and no customer service. I also have noticed that the site seems extremely buggy trying to re-direct me to take some ‘survey’ for some prize which we all know is mostly just a fishing scheme. I don’t know if they site has been hacked or if that is the new revenue plan they have implemented but regardless, they will not get getting of my bidding action in the near future.

If you want a lower risk site, try an auction site with BIN features (buy it now). This lowers your risk overall, even if it is a bit harder to win and score a great deal. If you like the strategic game plan and chance to win super incredible deals then I challenge you to step up to Beezid. Why? Because You Can’t Win BEEZID’. Not without these winning beezid strategies and techniques.

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  1. JoeLaw says:

    FOOPILE has become terrible. They don\’t ship, or respond to \”Support Tickets\”. For those being burned (and I\’m one) you might be interested in the information that I have found. This site is owned by Brawnco, Inc., which in turn is owned by Paul Vernon. His address is 8656 Tourmaline Blvd. Boynton Beach, Florida 33472. This is provided for anyone who wants to write this deadbeat. The only other officer of this Nevada Corporation is Virginia Bryant (Treasurer), 5040 Plainview Rd, Pineland, Texas 75968. You might want to drop her a line also.

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