Caution - Wavee Shut Down

Caution - Wavee Penny Site Down For The Count

Wondering what happened to penny auction site According to CBS Atlanta story, the site was investigated by CBS Atlanta, prompted by the Georgia Governors Office of Consumer Protection took action against after receiving multiple complaints of auction winners never getting the items they won.

It appears that after the investigation, the team at wavee have agreed to go out of business and remain out of business.

It looks like running a scam penny auction site is not such a good idea! Wavee has agreed to at least a quarter million in restitution, penalties and fines.

We do not know if wavee was a scam or not and we are not implying that they were. According CBS, Ga state officials said they were operating illegaly because they were not registered with the Georgia Auctioneers Commission.




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  1. Penny Auction Junkie says:

    Laura, I’m not 100% positive on how you get restitution but please take a read through this: – it’s the “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance’ that Wavee agreed to. Good luck!

  2. How do I get restitution? I lost alot of money wih wavee. I bought items and won items like a ps3 and never got these items and sometimes my credit card was charged 4 times .It was too late by this time.I appreciate you publishing this article and hopeful for reply.

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