We’ve been working hard on bestpennyauctions.net over the past week! We have have researched through our list of legit penny auction sites to find and rank them based on different criteria. So far we have pages created for the best laptop penny auctions where we rank the top few sites to win a notebook or the video games page which breaks down which penny auction is the best choice to win a certain type of video game system. If you are looking for xbox penny auctions you will probably have the best luck at Nailbidder, however if you want a Wii, Happybidday will probably be your top pick.

I am hopeful that before christmas there are better penny auction sites to win jewelry on the market than there are now!

I also completed a few more penny auction strategy articles that are available via our skoreit! masterclass form there on the right hand side of the page. The tactics are written with skoreit in mind however the ideas and theory can be used at any penny auction.

We have updated and removed oohilove from our listings as they were purchased by swoopo and promptly shut down not long ago. Hello, PA sites, there is an opening for a legit PA site offering womens items like jewelry, purses, bikini wax coupons, etc.

We also had to disable our penny auction ratings plugin as it was causing issues with the site. We have only had a handful of people rate and review penny auction sites yet so that is not a huge loss for the moment and we hope to have it back and fully functioning soon.

Good luck at the penny auctions this week!

P.S – I am researching the infamous penny auction scams and looking to list the biggest and most memorable penny auction scams that this industry has undergone so far. If anyone has links to forum threads where scams are uncovered and played out, or links to documents and information on the big time scams please post a comment on this post!

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