Just a quick update of some of the newest updates you can find here on bestpennyauctions.net

HappyBidDay reviews and comments from actual users are coming in as they have launched a facebook promotion for their users to post reviews on three top rated penny auction portals. This site, pennyauctionwatch and pennyauctionscore.

We added a review of Bidrivals. They are probably the largest penny auction site of all time and the vast majority of their auctions have a buy-it-now function that makes them one of the safest penny auctions out there in terms of you are less like to totally lose your money. I also updated the safe penny auctions page to go more in depth about how you can safely bid (relatively speaking) at a penny auction site.

I updated the penny auction affiliate deals page with a bit more information on the Bidrivals affiliate program. They offer some of the most lucrative payouts in the industry.

I’ve been looking around for the best bidding site to win an Ipad on. I’m going to give HappyBidDay a shot and see if I can win one cheap. I’ve got some bids there burning a hole in my pocket after I took advantage of the happybidday promo code and bought some bids.

Other than that, not much going on in the land of penny auctions other than the fact that it is more important forever to find a penny auction site that is reputable and honest as there is never a shortage of complaints and cries of scams in this new and wild west of internet innovations.

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