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Is HappyBidDay a Scam Or Legit?

HappyBidDay Real? Or is Happy Bid Day A Scam?

HappyBidDay Sells Items For Pennies On The Dollar - HOW?

On first look at HappyBidDay it appears something is totally wrong. Why in the world would a piece of gold that is worth at least $150 be auctioning off at only $1.06? This looks like a scam, however HappyBidDay is legit! They are one of the most trustworthy bidding sites online and we have personally won auctions and received items from HappyBidDay.

HappyBidDay is an online penny auction. They make their money by selling bids, not the ending price of the auction price. If you are not sure how it all works, then read our penny auctions 101 tutorial to understand exactly how penny auction sites work before spending any money.

Sign up bonuses or freebies on Happybidday.com

On registering with the site, you will receive a generous helping of free bids that can be used in happy auctions. Registering at HappyBidDay.com is a one time process that is free and you can get free bids just for signing up. In addition, the site also has a rewards program for customers who are loyal to the site. The program is accessible even to those who login to their HappyBidDay.com account daily, and those who purchase bid packs too.

Happybidday current promotions

  • New users will get 50 free bids just for registration
  • 25-150 free bids upon daily login (this number changes all the time)
  • 30 free bids when inviting friends
  • 100 free bids on your birthday – HappyBidDay!
  • 35% discount on your 1st bid pack purchase (exclusive offer, you must click here to claim 35% off at HappyBidDay)

‘Invite Your Friends’ is a refer a friend program where you can get 30 free bids. When your friend registers with HappyBidDay.com, the site transfers the free bids to your account. These bids can then be used during HapyBidDay.com’s Happy Auctions – a bid extravaganza at the site. Through Happy Auctions you can win gift cards, bid packs, electronic items and much more. This auction can be accessed via a smiley icon that is featured by the side of a bid button.

Happybidday pros and cons


  • This is a smaller to medium sized site compared to the more well known penny auctions. This means less competition generally speaking
  • When compared to other penny auction sites, HappyBidDay.com has a diverse list of auction items even for being a smaller site you can still win iPads and video game consoles.
  • HappyBidDay.com’s promotions are competitive and rewarding. They are also a great choice for 1st time bidders
  • They feature a number of offers that can be availed by all customers.
  • The site is user – friendly and facilitates easy navigation.


  • In the free auctions (happy auctions) the ending auction price is raised by up to $.29 per bid rather than just one penny, raising the ending price of the auction fairly significantly.
  • This site sets win limits on there members. Seven wins in seven days, twenty-eight wins in thirty days. This is actually a positive so any power bidders are not claiming every auction
  • There is very little information offered on the web site regarding the founders of the site or it’s background information.

General product offerings on Happybidday.com

HappyBidDay.com offers a wide range of products for auction. Some of the product categories that you may come across at the site are appliances and electronic items such as television sets, ipads, and video games. In addition to this, the site also has bid packs, gift cards, jewelery and handbags. The site also features a selection of toys, games, video games and more.

Happybidday.com shipping details

HappyBidDay.com’s fee for shipping items is listed at the bottom of their product page. The listed shipping charges are applicable only for items that are delivered in the United States (continent). Typically HappyBidDay.com delivers items within seven to fourteen business days of a bidder making payment. You can track your shipment through the ‘Won Auctions’ feature provided in your accounts. If the product is not received within the stipulated time, you can contact the site’s customer support cell through e-mail.

Happybidday Legit or is HappyBidDay a scam?

In our estimation we are happy to say that HappyBidDay is totally legit and Happybidday.com is NOT a scam. You can learn about what makes penny auction scams and what is not a scam when it comes to penny auctions. The site is rated highly across the respected penny auction review sites and rated well from the players.

The site has a bidding strategy which uses an automatic bidding tool called BidPal that can be employed when users are away from their computer when a bid is closing. This easy to use tool is effective in winning auctions. HappyBidDay.com also has a Buy Now option with which you can buy an item of your choice, at a discounted price if you lose the auction, however the BIN option is not stellar. Instead, use winning happybidday strategy and you will not have to worry about using the BIN feature.

41 Responses to Happybidday.com Reviews

  1. Tamalu says:

    This by far is my favorite place to play as I’ve won dozen and dozens of items. A big plus playing here is your bids last much longer here than the other sites. The FREE bids are pretty much ammo to use to bid bid packs. You can get lucky with them and win bid packs as low as .06 cents a bid…now that’s value! You are not going to win very auction you bid on, you have to pick and choose your battles. As well, it’s important to know who you are bidding against, that’s very important. I spent a week just watching before I placed a single bid! I’ve seen tablets go for as low as $1.05! that’s 5 unique bids as everything starts at $1.00. I’ve seen many, many items sell for less than 20 total bids! check it out and look at all the closed auctions. Luck is a part of it and timing too. If there is something you really want, watch it first and don’t go bidding from the start. Save your bids until there are only 2 to 3 people bidding on it before you jump in. You’ll have a better chance of winning it that way. I hope you can enjoy the site as much as I do. It’s fair, honest and very trustworthy. Shipping is super quick and customer service always responds.

  2. I had a terrible experience with Happy Bidday. They gave away hundreds of bids to new users. They would only have a few good items to bet on. So everyone was using their free bids -it was impossible to win and took hours and hours to play.
    I then won a package of 1000 “real” bids and then 700 bids. You’d think you could win something with 1700 bids right? No. I sat for hours -it was really annoying, and won nothing. Buying the bids cost me approx. $300! (and yes, I have played on many sites and won)Also, if you haven’t paid for your won bids immediately, they strong-arm you by putting a banner across the screen saying you must pay now. There’s more, but I am out of room. Do not trust this site or anyone who endorses them. They use shills and buy endorsements, they threaten customers using their lawyers. They’re the WORST!

  3. edward Winston says:

    So far, I haven’t won anything other than more bids, but I like the fact that they offer gold bars, something of real value.

    Maybe one day’ I’ll get an Ipad.

  4. Ryguy says:

    What a joke. All 10 dollar gift cards to Walmart or amazon which you really pay over $30 dollars worth in the long run. Can it be called a scam? No just dumb fu*ks that thing they are getting a deal on a $25 dollar amazon gift card after using only 60 bids! Oh WAIT WAIT WAIT…. I think… Yes, 60 bids is around $60 in ACTUAL MONEY! Lol dumb asses

  5. Barry says:

    I tried the site and found it awkward. I don’t know if this happened to anyone else but when I purchased bids I was charged a “Foreign Transaction Fee” of $1.74. When I contacted HB I was told, “We are based in DE, but we have many payment processors which we use. Some of these processors are international.” It would have been nice to know before hand but I guess this is my “buyer beware” moment. They also stated that a credit for unused bids can take up to 2 weeks to post. In the electronic age this is a lifetime. All of this should be listed on their website should it not? Am I expecting too much? You be the judge.

  6. Stephanie says:

    HappyBidDay is the first penny auction site I tried and probably will try. It only took me a day to figure out that it is quite a racket. A person must have nothing going on in their life to “play” on this site. What is most interesting is that there is nothing good to bid on. I mean the real racket is like this: 90% of the Auctions are for low value “Gift Cards” and the sites “real” bids. Really???? Your auctioning off your own bids…..all the time??? I guess they need to because when a real “meat & potato” auction does actually come up it’s like dropping a piece of red meat into a pen of hungry lions!!!! The bidders better have stocked up on those “real bids” if they want to stand a 2% chance of winning anything not a gift card!!!

    I wish I could get my money back that I wasted to buy “Real Bids”. I would walk away from this site and never look back…..instead now I get to spend some of my time competing with hungry Lions in order to maybe win a gift card so I don’t feel so stupid getting sucked into the Penny Auction World. The only people that WIN on this site and I would guess them all are the people who run the sites….

    • I wasted $300 to buy “real bids” that I won with my free bids. They were useless. I couldn’t even win with 1700 bids! On any other site I would have won a nice prize. My question: Why do the penny auction sites endorse this rip-off site? I was going by their recommendation! They must get paid a lot of money! Shame!

  7. Lilly says:

    This last week, happybidday appeared to pull some real shenanigans. The beginning of the week saw TONS of bidder names unfamiliar to the site the past few weeks who came into the auction and bid things up double to triple what they normally go for. The regular hard-core aggressive bidders on the site who generally hit their limits the first part of the week (6 per week) were still working on their limits on Saturday (the week ends on Saturday night). Additionally, it appears happybidday began listing fewer items on their 1c auctions with fewer attached bids as previously. Gift cards of certain types normally available, were almost non-existent. These things made it virtually impossible to win an auction unless you are ready to dump all your available cash into their coffers buying bids to chase the auctions, making nothing a deal at all.

    Something is going on here, and it serves as a warning. The apparent massive shill bidding is not something I would like to bid against.

  8. Patricia Travers says:

    New to penny bids. What they do not tell you is, you will never be low bid when the time runs out because the time NEVER runs out. Every bid resets the clock. I am sorry I ever bought bids, but I never will again. I will tell anyone who wants to “try” not to waste their time and money. (do they not know money is a little tight now?)


  9. Lynn says:

    My first win on Happy Bid Day was quite unexpected because I didn’t think it would be so easy. With the free bids that I received, I won a gift card and a discounted bid package which helps you to get started in the penny auction game. Within two to three bids, I had won. I think this is a great site for those who are starting out.

  10. shulamit says:

    This site is the best. I have tried others and couldnt win anything. I have won some items already. I would recommand you to use this site and see for yourslef. I love the free spins and the free bids just for logging on.

    Thank you Happybidday I now have an I touch that I dreamed of having.

    Thank you

    • I don’t believe this for a second. I have won computers, a 50 inch TV, Ipods, you name it! -All of the bid ticket items -on OTHER sites. This site is impossible to won on. I really believe that Happy Bidday buys endorsements like yours, Shulamit.

  11. RealZero1 says:

    HappyBidday sent my won items right away. Also getting freebids to bid on helps out a lot so that you don’t have to constantly buy bids. If you run out of your bids then you could also use Happy bids to bid on so it’s a win win situation.

  12. BiggestFan says:

    HappyBidDay is a great penny auction site. They always have something to give to everybody. A very fun place to bid at….

  13. Ketsy says:

    Happybidday.com is a great bid site i won a gift card for $25 to use on Walmart and the experience was excellent, shipping fast and great costumer service and i am from Puerto Rico

  14. p0rchered says:

    I think Happybidday is the best site out their. You can win GREAT stuff.
    keep up the good work!!!

  15. Barbie says:

    I enjoy HappyBidDay because they don’t offer junk like the other auction sites do. You actually win things that you would love to buy, but cannot afford! It’s great! Plus you get free bids every time you log in!

  16. Thom says:

    Can always count on Happybid to have good promotions. The free bids keep me participating/having fun for longer than my wife would like.

    Thanks for the escape Happybid.

    • This is a very fun and energy provoking website. I have been mesmerized by all the action. I have one a few bids so far and the happyface bid auctions are competitive but fair. I like that you can only win 3 auctions in a day or 7 in 7 days. It really gives you a chance to win something. I have won bids on gift certificates and had them deposited instantly in my email. Very cool. Then I can shop for what I really want! Love the site. Join in and have some fun.

  17. jon says:

    Happybidday is awesome u never have to worry about running out of bits u get a daily log In bonus. And everyone saying it is a scam your wrong.

  18. Barbie says:

    I am completely impressed. I actually win things that I will use! This cannot be said the same of the other penny auctions sites that I have tried~ You actually get to bid on something that means something to you!

  19. Jknox421 says:

    This site is phenomenal. This is the only site that i’ve purchased 1 huge bid pack and has consistently kept my bids and actually recouped up to 100% of my bids with the auctions that they have up. I.e. I got a $50 restaurant gift card and 50 bids for like $5.42 + 3.99 shipping/handling. Thats $95.00 worth of stuff, for $9.41.

    Great customer service, unlike others, they actually talk to you and you can reach someone and not just a credit card processing center (BS)

    25 bids for 1 cent auction for writing reviews, happy auctions, free bids for logging in.

    I’m sticking with Happybidday, all day, everyday!

  20. pennyblues says:

    I have been a happy customer of happybidday.com for a while now and am so happy I found them. I was skeptical at first because I know there are Penny Auctions out there that are not honest. You can rest assured thay HappyBidDay is one of the most honest, safe, and secure Penny Auction site you will find. I have won some amazing top of the line items in a short period of time with HappyBidDay and am totally hooked! Thank you HappyBidDay for such a fabulous, honest, and fun Penny Auction site!

  21. AugieD24 says:

    This site really stands a little taller than all the other sites. There customer support is second to none and even if you have a question, they make sure to get back to you within the day which is something you cannot get at other websites. I have won from a $10 Amazon Gift Card to an Ipad 2! Anything is possible at Happybidday.com! Thanks again for the customer support!

  22. I have signed up with numerous penny auction sites and Happybidday is the one that I only really care to use to bid. They have great items at great prices, along with all the promotions that they offer, even just to register. I have won some great items, the shipping is prompt and very fair. This is the site that you will want to use your bids to get great quality items on the one cent auctions, then to top it off, they give you free bids to bid just for signing in. By far the best penny auction that I have found and used on the web. I highly recommend to friends and family, not only for a good time, but good quality products.

  23. BOBBY says:


  24. allmine1 says:

    I have won many items on this website from webcams to televisions,gift cards.I enjoy the challenge of trying to be the last bidder. The winning is great! The shipping is right on time Most of the time it is here a day before or right when they say.This is the best auction site.

  25. ginzeeee says:

    Some of the posters hit the nail on the head. Happybidday’s shipping can’t be beat!!! I’ve waited as long as 6 weeks on other sites… compared to Happybidday.com which is usually just a few days. They send things like gift cards by certified mail… a nice security feature. They have a great mix of products, give you “free” bids to use in “happy” auctions, and the whole site runs smoothly and has a very “professional” look and feel (if you’ve used some other penny auction sites, you know what I’m talking about! LOL). Happybidday.com is top notch!

  26. Betty says:

    I like Happybidday because you win great things. I have used other sites that I could not win anything but always come back to Happybidday. I won a weather station and few day later it was shipped. I love the free spins and the free bids just for logging on.

    Thanks Happybidday!!!!!

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  29. kingale says:

    Been bidding here for quite sometime and find that shipping is fast and reliable. Free auctions are hit or miss on value but the penny auctions have been pretty good to me. Won Wii and Kinetic the same week and for a fraction of the cost. With all the Amazon I won i bought everything else I needed. HappyBidDay.com

  30. barbie says:

    I have tried other penny auction sites, but was only able to win unusable gadgets. HappyBidDay, however, has products that are actually on my “want list,” and can be used in real life! Plus, the auctions I win (very cheaply!) make awesome gifts… Thanks HappyBidDay!

  31. Dillon says:

    a few days ago i registered for this penny auction site and won my first item a day later. the 20% off on your first bid package purchase was great. the first item i bid on was a samsung galaxy tab and ended up winning the auction with a final bid price of $6.65! Great deal off of a great site!

  32. Tom Conway says:

    I use several penny auction sites, but HappyBid more than any other. One of the advantages of this site is that they allow you to bid on bid packages for free. You can usually buy large quantities of bids at a great price. They regularly offer special deals on bid purchases as well. Nice variety of electronics, gift cards, etc to bid on. This is one of the first sites I go to every day.

  33. Kathy says:

    I Love how fast you receive your winnings. The postal rates are equal to the other sites, yet I have received all products within 1 week. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

    Other sites still owe me over $1,000 worth of products from last summer.(bs)

  34. jason says:

    I like that I can get free spins for logging in and they offer pretty cool auctions. It’s not my favorite place to bid but when I am in desperate need of winning something, Happybidday.com has done alright in my book.

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