I have been scouring the web looking for the best penny auction sites that offer legitimate auctions and a fair bidding experience. One of the sites I have came across that looks really promising is a site called RagingBid. They are a well established penny auction site with a high volume of auctions and they seem to ‘get it’ like skoreit in the fact that they embrace the idea that penny auctions are a competitive game. I’ve taken advantage of the best ragingbid promo code I can find online and that comes from their face book page.

  • Use RagingBid.com promo code: RagingBidFB
  • You will receive 25 free bids with this bonus code in addition to the 5 you get when signing up for a total of 30 free bids
  • You must CLICK HERE TO CLAIM 25 FREE BIDS and use promo code “RagingBidFB”

Raging Bid Promo Codes – How They Work

You can only use these promo codes for ragingbid.com when you are initially signing up and creating your account. However, if you become a fan of their facebook page they update their page fairly often with codes for free bids to established users and bonus bids if you purchase bid packs. There are also a lot of multipliers on your bid purchases at Raging bids but these do not require bonus codes or promo codes to activate.

We last checked in July 2011 for raging bid promo code for free bids that worked. We will update our penny auction site with the latest information about RagingBid as well as our in depth review that covers whether or not raging bid is a scam, if they are legit and trustable. Bonus codes and promo codes are fairly common in the penny auction world and new bidders should absolutely take advantage of any promotions and bonuses offered at the trusted penny auction sites. They are free bids and are a great way to get your feet wet and learn how the site works before investing much money into the auction site.

As we play more on raging bid we will be sure and detail a winning ragingbid review and strategy guide to keep you up to date with the latest promotions and items you can win.

Additional Penny Auction Promo Codes

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