I woke up last night around 3 am after falling asleep with the TV on and I just happened to see a Skoreit.com tv commercial on offering 10 free bids. I have comcast cable and I noticed on the skoreit.com website that they were running a promo code for tv viewers who have comcast. I saw the commercial and the bonus code skoreit was using was ‘BIDNOW’.

I tried the skoreit promo code myself (I’ve been a bidder there quite a while) but did see the commercial on Comcast TV.

BIDNOW was the promo code for 10 free bids on Skoreit.com

Ugh, this did not work for me though as I am not a new player there.

Well, that did not work for me. However it does look like if I had not already taken advantage of previous skoreit promos that I would have been able to get my 10 free bonus bids. If you are looking for an edge on Skoreit.com, be sure to check out our Skoreit.com strategy and tips article and email series masterclass.

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Finally, if you are having trouble winning auctions at Skoreit, I encourage you to try HappyBid Day a try as the auctions are easier to win as the player base is way smaller.

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P.S. If anyone can confirm that this skore it promotion code worked for them and you did get the 10 free bonus bids *edit, saw the score it commercial again and it is $10 free of bids which is closer to 15 free bids… when you signed up it would be appreciated! Just leave a comment on this page confirming if it worked for you or not.
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  1. mandi says:

    The promocode worked for me. I got 16 bids!

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