penny auctions usaWhether you want to bid on retail gift cards, home appliances or consumer electronics like LCDs, laptops, iPads etc, you should check the product range, bid price, site’s traffic and above all the delivery time and customer service of the penny auction site you choose. To help you with this choice we have done some research to find the best penny auction sites for gift cards, television auction sites, and penny auctions for iPads. Considering the variety of penny auction sites today, choosing a site that is best for you is not easy. Here is a list of the four best USA penny auctions you can consider.

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    HappyBidDay is located in Florida and has been one of our most successful auction experiences. With their excellent customer service, fast delivery, free bids for signing up, and privacy policy, they have become the most successful penny auction site in our reviews. The customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself when comparing it to other penny auction sites.

    BidCactus is perhaps one of the most popular penny auction sites in the United States. The main reasons for it to  rank at the top of the list of five best USA penny auctions are – its simple registration process and huge variety of products and gift cards you can choose from. Bidding starts at a minimum of $0.75 per item, for any brand new item of your choice. Depending on what you are bidding on, the bid price can increase by 1 or 10 cents each time. The duration of auction in BidCactus can be as little as 3-4 hours, and the auction time for an item increases every time someone bids on it.

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