Online penny auction sites are growing in popularity every day. More and more people are  finding auctions that are selling for anywhere from 30 cents to 30 dollars, and for items such as computers, tv’s, jewelry and more.  With the growing competition in the penny auction industry, many of the sites are beginning to step up their game with the auctions they provide. While you can find many laptop penny auctions, iPad auctions, and camera penny auctions, telescopes are a becoming the next new item to frequent the top penny auction sites, and are growing in demand as well.

Below we’ve listed the top penny auction sites to find the best telescopes online. We’ve compared trusted and safe penny auctions to find the best deals on brand name telescopes. Check out our list of the top telescope penny auction sites.

1)– Best Selection of telescope auctions

2)– Most telescope penny auctions at one time

#1 for Telescope penny auctions: click here

We picked for our number one choice for telescope penny auctions because of the selection at this site. We found a good variety of top brand name telescopes for sale, such as Bushnell, Barka, and Celestron.

If you are looking for a Celestron Telescope penny auction, Beezid is the place to go. As of right now, they are featuring two Celestron powerseeker telescopes for future auctions.

As well as telescopes, we also found rifle scopes and monocular’s as well. We found a Bushnell Night Watch Infrared monocular, a $265.00 retail value, that was sold for only $4.57. Clearly, that is a huge saving, even after shipping costs, and bid cost.

The auctions for telescopes on don’t happen as often as one might like, but when they do, they make up for it in selection and variety. We recommend visiting for penny auction telescope sales.

#2: Second choice for telescope penny auctions.

Our second choice for finding an auction for telescopes,, has a fair selection of telescopes, and offers them in groups. As compared to some other sites, HappyBidDay will auction off telescopes three or four at a time. This means that you can bid on all three at the same time and try to get the better deal at one of the three. You’re chances of coming out on top with a steal are greater at, not to mention the competition is still low at this site due to the newness of it.

At this current time there are four Barska 40070 Starwatcher Telescopes featured on for future auction. While the selection is obviously limited to this one particular brand of telescope, the fact that there are four telescopes at the same time increases your chances of winning one.

We are also fond of this site due to their awesome promotions. gives away 50 free bids just for completing the free registration. After that you can take part in 30 free bids for referring a friend, 100 free bids on your birthday, and 25 free bids just for your logging in daily. Check out for your telescopes purchases as well as your other product desires.

Looking to Buy a Telescope?

We recommend buying telescopes online, because if you do the research, it’s guaranteed that you will find one for much less than what you could find traveling around to retail stores. If you want to find an abundant selection of telescopes for discount prices without the hassle of fighting off competition, check out At this site you will find every telescope in every brand for the best prices.


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