I have noticed quibids.com being advertised on television lately and I was wondering what you all thought of it. If you are a player at quibids and would like to leave feedback I would appreciate it as I am considering buying some bids there. What is your experience bidding there?

Some questions I am looking for answers to is. Is quibids trustable? If you win an auction on quibids are you likely to get the item in good condition and in a reasonable time period? Are there any shill bidders or computer bot bidders? What is the history of this penny auction site over the course of time? I know they are one of the larger penny auction sites but that does not mean they are a safe penny auction site or one that you should trust. They have not yet been added to our growing list of the top penny auction sites online either. This post is to gather reviews, ratings, rankings and information from the real bidders out there who have experience bidding at Quibids.com.


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  1. Becca says:

    The first day that I tried Quibids, I won a few things for only a few cents. That sucked me in, and I spent much more than I should have trying to repeat those results with no success whatsoever. I guess that makes me a sucker, and I caution those who believe the advertising that it is relatively common to win without spending the retail cost to do it. It is a gambling game, and you need to be prepared to lose money.

  2. jason says:

    Ok, just my personal opinion here is that the site looks good and is easy to use. I don’t know if i trust them yet which is the most important thing to me. Price of bids is ok, I assume it is fairly hard to win. Customer support is so-s0 and they do have pretty cool auction variety.

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