One of the most popular items to frequent the top penny auction sites is the camera. Whether you are looking for a simple digital camera or a state of the art professional photography camera, penny auctions can be the best way to go. Buying a camera at a retail store is largely expensive. With penny auction sites you can try to win a high end, brand new camera for huge discounts. Of course, if you are looking for the best penny auction site with cameras then you already know how penny auctions work and understand that you can lose money if you do not win the auction. Or at some sites, at worst pay a bit more than you could find the camera for if you went discount shipping online. Below we’ve listed the top penny auction sites to buy a camera starting with our number one pick.
Nikon Camera on Auction at Penny Bidding Site Bid

  1. Awesome selection of cameras, all auctions with buy it now.
  2. Beezid – Huge selection of DSLR cameras up for auction over the course of the month and a steady supply of camera penny auctions for quality digital cameras all day
  3. – Offer Casio and Kodak brands

#1 Camera Penny Auction Site– Click here

Quibids is our number one choice to find penny auctions for cameras. At this site you can find a wide variety of cameras such as a Kodak Waterproof Digital Camera or a Cannon Digital SLR, along with a good selection of video cameras like the Flip Ultra HD Camera.

One of the best aspects of this site is the unbeatable prices. At this site we found a Canon Digital SLR Camera that was sold for less than $19.00. That is a 98% savings off the retail price. Here is a list of more reasons why we chose our top camera penny auction site.

  • Bid price is 75 cents. Price of bids does not fluctuate depending on bid packs.
  • Customer Support information is easy to find and easy to reach. Their customer support team is reliable, informative, and handles problems efficiently.
  • This site is ranked as one of our most safe penny auction site.
  • Closes auctions in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Competition is strong but deals can be had.
  • Offers each bidder a buy one now option, minimizing risk.
  • This site provides strategies and tips for winning penny auctions.

The only negative aspect about this site is the shipping can take 2-3 weeks to receive your won items, however, this is somewhat common among most penny auction sites. Tracking your shipment can only be done by contacting the support team. #2 Camera Penny Auctions

This site has the best selection of penny auctions for cameras as well as over 500 other auctions per day. Beezid has a great selection of Nikon camera auctions selling for a fraction of the price in retail stores. We found a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera with 18-55 mm lens that was sold for $43.53 as compared to the $1,099.00 retail price. If you would like to save 75-99% on your item purchases than Beezid is the right place to shop.

Although Beezid has the best selection of cameras, it is our second choice due to the competition at this site. It is not impossible to find a good deal on cameras at this site, but you’ll have to fight off the other bidders to find them. However, here is a list of reasons why we recommend using for your camera purchases. They are also one of the highest rated nintendo wii penny auction sites.

  • Offers 10 free25 Free bids for registering.
  • All Items come with manufacturers warranty as well as tracking number from support team as well as solutions for any damaged or unsatisfactory items.
  • Allows customers to set reminders on up-coming auctions.
  • Bidding tools available to allow multiple auctions to be bid on at one time as well as while away from the computer.

With you will find the best selection of camera auctions. Finding the right camers for the right prices is not only easy to do but entertaining at the same time. For more details read our Review page. for Camera Penny Auctions

HappyBidDay has a decent selection of cameras available for auction including brand names such as Kodak and Casio, and have some of the best prices that we’ve seen among other penny auctions sites as well. If you’re looking for a Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera auction, we found one sold for only $2.61 as compared to the $119.95 retail price. We don’t even have to explain the savings on that one. Although the selection of cameras are not as high compared to other sites like Beezid and Foopile, there are a number of reasons why HappyBidDay made our top 3 list of camera penny auctions.

  • Relatively new site means low competition.
  • Registration is free and bidder receives 50 free bids upon sign up and 20% discount on first bid pack purchase.
  • Fast shipping along with tracking numbers- items received within 7 days of payment.
  • Win limits are higher than most competing penny auction sites
  • Great promotions such as 100 free bids on birthdays and 25 free bids upon daily log-in.

Check out for future camera auctions and use their great promotional offers to grab a great deal. Click here for more a full review of


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