One of the lesser known bidding sites is one of the best places to win silver in penny auctions. I took this screen shot of the silver bars (1 oz silver bars) and the 1 ounce silver coins that are up for auction in the next two days at Happy Bids is one of our favorite sites to bid on silver.

Happy Bids is my favorite penny auction for bidding on 1oz silver coins and bars!

Why I like Silver Penny Auctions On Happy Bids

Lately they have been including silver with bids attached. As the screen shot shows. This allows you to sometimes steal an incredible deal on the ounce of silver bidding at the right time and not dent your bid bank too much by replenishing them with the attached bids with the silver.

I like winning a real item of value in a penny auction, like 1oz of silver, in addition to more bids so you can keep trying your luck in more auctions and stretching your bid bank roll out longer. A strategy for winning silver in penny bidding site includes bidding in the free auctions with ‘happy bids’ and using those to purchase my bids at a discount. If you are patient but aggressive you can often find a sweet spot to win bids to use going for silver and gold.

It is not easy to win silver penny auctions but if you sign up for the free strategy guide and read through some of the tips and advice articles you can certainly rack up a few wins for yourself.

Win 1oz Silver – Bid & Win at Happy Bids!

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