To kick off the new year, is combining the fan favorite promotions that they ran through the entire year of 2011. They are calling the promotion the “ Best of 2011.” The promotions are running hot and heavy at this penny bidding site, which is one of the largest and most competitive sites online. Arguably the most competitive, it’s either Beezid or SkoreIt, in my book anyway.

Beezid Promotions

The Best Beezid Promotions of 2011

Beezid Promo’s For 2012

  • 10% Price Freeze – means the auction will not go higher than 10% of the price, even if bids are still being placed (and they will be)
  • BIDS BACK BOOGALOO – Risk Free Bidding with a 24 hour free bidding period
  • 500 Auction In One Day (December 29th) ALL DAY LONG
  • 1% price freeze – Dec 30th at Noon until the 31st at 11:59am

Check out the full details at the Beezid Promo Best of 2011 page.

For more information on top bidding site, Beezid, read our bidder reviews of beezid. Add your comments and ratings too!

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